Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Salad of the moment

I’m in a salad-craving month. Huh, that feels strange to write. Wanting more and more greens doesn’t fit a cultural narrative, but it is spring and they’re so good. (Even without a CSA share delivering them extra good and truly fresh.) 
This is the salad that I’m making two or three times a week. I’m not sure what makes it so good, but I need to remember it for the future. If I ever remember to take pictures while I make it, I’ll edit the post. 

Shredded Beet Salad #3
Makes 2 and a quarter servings

1 beet
2 carrots
Bunch of spring greens
Lime olive oil (others would presumably work, I have fancy, so I’m using it)
Balsamic vinegar
2 handfuls red grapes
Roasted walnuts
Bit of blue cheese

Rinse the greens and put them in a nice salad bowl.
Shred the beet and carrots in the food processor so it spits them into the salad bowl. Usually it’s not worth me getting the food processor dirty to shred carrots, but it contains the mess of cutting up beets. If it’s already being washed, no more reason not to shred the carrots.
Drizzle olive oil and balsamic vinegar over the beets, carrots, and lettuce so they can marinate while you fix the rest of the salad.
Wash the grapes and add them to the salad bowl.
Crumble the roasted walnuts and blue cheese into the salad.