Friday, June 11, 2010

Trail Mix

Since I'm spending this summer in the Rockies, I plan on hiking a lot. My first trip is this weekend to Estes Park, and I realized that I'm going to need something to eat while on the trail.

Trail mix is wonderful. It packs easily, tastes great, and provides energy to help you keep going. However, there are tons of options for what to bring. Nowadays, coops and grocery stores sell premade trail mixes. However, I'm still in favor of buying the ingredients in bulk and mixing them yourself. That way, you get everything you want in the ratios that you prefer.

My general plan for a trail mix is:
-nuts-they provide protein to keep your energy and stamina up
-dried fruit-healthy way of getting simple sugars for a quick energy booster
-something chocolately-another (albeit less healthy) means of consuming simple sugars; plus, chocolate tastes great

That being said here are some of my repeated mixes. I'm sure that my repertoire will have increased by August.

Good Old Raisins and Peanuts is an absolute classic, though it usually isn't just raisins and peanuts. I mean, the M&M's are kind of essential. To be honest, GORP isn't my favorite anymore--the scent of peanuts in the car gives me a headache. However, I have fond childhood memories of eating GORP on family trips and hikes. And you still better give me double the number of peanuts as raisins so that I can make "hamburgers."

-2 part peanuts
-1 part raisins
-1 part M&M's

Almond Craisin Mix
I've never been a fan of cranberries, but during freshman year of college, I discovered that I love craisins with my granola. This is my other favorite may to devour craisins.

-1 part whole almonds
-1 part craisins
-1 part flaked (not shredded) coconut
-1 part semi-sweet chocolate chips

Work in Progress
I'm still figuring the recipe out. I love all of the ingredients but need to fiddle with the ratios. I'm also trying to decide on craisins or dried apples, but I think that I prefer the craisins. Of course, there could always be both.

-pecan halves
-yogurt covered pretzels