Sunday, October 17, 2010


Is deliciousness! And should be made every fall.

Quarter the apples to fill your pot(s). Add an inch or so of water to the pot(s) and turn on the heat. Medium high.

There were a lot of apples.

Also, the frontier meets alien spaceship thing I'm holding is my apple mill. Ebay sold it to me as "Wearever ~ Sieve & Pestle w Stand."* Because when I moved to the city, I realized there wasn't the grandma down the street who I could borrow one of these from.

If you don't have one, you can peel and seed your apples before you cook them. But using it is so much therapeutic fun.

Stir the apples. Mushy apples. Steamy apples. Apple-scented steam. Personal apple spa...

And then you mush 'em. You mush 'em.

Fill the jars with hot hot applesauce. Follow your canning directions. (Instead of my lax canning directions.)

Voila! Enjoy apples in all forms. Julie and I put up 12 pints of plain applesauce made with Empire and Galas AND 12 half-pints (also known as cups) where we added some grated ginger and cardamom while the apples were simmering. Had not realized it was possible for her apartment to smell even better. But it did.

*Though searching at the moment, I'm failing to find anything like this.