Monday, May 3, 2010

Velvety Spring

Two years ago I came across a recipe for "Velvety Broccoli and Feta Pasta." It's on the kitchn blog, which I don't read. That was before Tastespotting went legal and then switched owners, so probably saw it there.

Doesn't matter so much anymore. It's a standby now. I realized tonight how little I follow the original recipe, so thought I'd document the current version. (Sorry no picture. Also sorry, this is a Granny recipe. Pinch of this. Fist of that. Measurements were not followed. Most precise is 2 cloves of garlic. And 1 lemon.)

Broccoli Pasta
1/4 onion
2 cloves garlic
Oil of some sort
Nutriuitional Yeast
Vegetable Broth



Cut the onion into slices. Crush the garlic. Start sauteing them. I used olive oil.

Pull frozen broccoli from the freezer and cut it into some smaller chunks. (I have fresh broccoli, but I save it for munching.) Add it to the saute pan when the onions are getting soft.

Start boiling water for the pasta. Realize you're out of tubes and twists. Debate macaroni or spaghetti. (Spaghetti won.)

Zest the lemon. Freeze most of the zest to have on hand. Sprinkle some in the pan. Juice the lemon and add all the juice.

Let it all sit and cook for a while.

Then dump it in the blender and start blending. Add in some parsley. (2 or 3 stems worth.) Periodically stop the blender and stir it with a cool spatula.

Sprinkle in some nutritional yeast. I don't know. Somewhere between a Tablespoon and a quarter cup.

Taste sauce. Decide it could do with some thinning. Pull vegetable broth from freezer. Melt and add one muffin's worth at a time. (I used two muffins, so about 2/3 cup of broth.)

Test again. Mmmmm.

Dish up pasta. (It's done cooking now, right?) Cover with sauce. Top with chevre. Enjoy.

~At least 2 meals worth. And went from looking up the recipe to sitting at the table in about a half hour.